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Who wants to lose weight fast? I would venture to say that anyone who wants to lose weight would prefer to do it quickly rather than slowly. And why wouldn’t you? But some experts suggest that to lose weight safely you must keep your weight loss to a rate of 1-2 pounds per week maximum. When you take into consideration that the majority of overweight people have between 10 and 20 pounds to lose that could take up to 20 weeks (if you don’t fall off the wagon). 20 weeks! Are you kidding me? No wonder so many diets fail!

But Wait! There is still hope for those of us that can’t live off rabbit food and toil away at the gym daily for 20 weeks.

Brian Flatt’s program called “The Three Week Diet” is challenging the slow weight loss advice with his claim that you can lose weight in days not weeks. He believes that the reason that so many diets fail is because they don’t produce the desired results fast enough. His diet claims that you can safely lose 1 pound per day and over the course of the 21 day diet program lose a total of up to 23 pounds. Yes, you heard me right… 23 pounds lighter in just 3 weeks.

But isn’t that unsafe?

Apparently there are no medical studies on how fast you can or cannot lose weight safely. What they do have studies on is some ways that are dangerous to lose weight such as by taking harmful drugs or by depriving your body of the nutrients it needs.

Brian also points out that there are a whole host of medical conditions attributed to carrying around excess weight. It has been proven that the longer you carry excess body weight the more strain it puts on your body’s organs not to mention your quality of life!

In fact, one of the doctors from the hit show “The Biggest Loser” claims you can safely lose up to 20 pounds per week if you do it “the right way”.

According to Brian Flatt, his program is the right way.

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