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If you are looking for how to lose weight in 5 days you’ve come to the right spot. We’ve all been there: you have a wedding, a vacation or some other special event and you need to lose weight quick! Here are some tips I’ve found that helped me lose weight in 5 days or lose weight in 7 days.

What to eat to lose weight in days:

If you want to drop the pounds quickly then you will need to adjust what you eat. You can do this in four ways: limit your intake of carbohydrates, limit your intake of calories, limit salt consumption, or all three to maximize weight loss.

1. Carbs – Too many carbohydrates can make you bloated, plus if you don’t use them as energy by performing an intense workout within 2 hours of a meal then the carbs you eat will be stored as fat.

2. Calories – We all know that you need to reduce your calories in order to lose weight. But for some reason this is easier said then done. One of my favorite ways to reduce calories is to reduce my portions. If you struggle with self control around food like I do then try this tip: use a small bowl (about the size of 1 or 1 1/2 cups), whatever you can fit into it you can eat but no more than that. Or you can count your bites, keep it to around 12 bites.

3. Salt – If you want to look thinner and significantly increase weight loss (although not fat loss) in a short amount of time then you need to limit the amount of salt you eat. While we all need some salt in our diet, you would be shocked at how much salt is in prepackaged foods and sauces. Even things that we eat when we are trying to lose weight and be “healthy” have an astounding amount of salt (such as Cottage Cheese)! For the 5 days you are trying to lose weight, try to make your own foods and really pay attention to and cut back on the amount of salt you eat. You will be amazed at the difference this makes in how you look and the number on the scale.

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What to drink to lose weight in 5 days:

1. Water – I can’t repeat this enough. Water, water, water! Drinking water will help you shed excess water weight; I know that sounds counterintuitive but its true. Also, often when we think we are hungry we are actually only thirsty and nothing quenches that thirst quite like plain water. Tip: If you love flavored drinks try adding a few slices of lemon, orange, watermelon, or cucumber to your water. It’s delicious!

2. Coffee – Go ahead and have that cup or two of coffee, but leave out the sugar and go easy on the milk. Coffee is a diuretic so it make sure that you don’t count that as your water intake.

3. Tea – Unsweetened tea is also another great drink during your diet. It adds variety and flavor and some types of tea may even aid in weight loss such as green tea.

4. Don’t drink soda, juices, or any other calorie laden drink.

5. Diet drinks – I suggest cutting out any “diet” drinks as well. Studies have shown people that drink so called diet drinks with fake sugar weight even more than those who drink the full sugar varieties. I have also found that diet drinks are addicting and leave me feeling even hungrier.

What activity to do to lose weight in 5 days:

1. Anything! Just get up off the couch and move around. Go for a walk, take the stairs, park a little further away than you usually would when shopping or going to work. Tip: If you engage in light exercise after eating it will help bring down your blood sugar and help keep the food you ate from being stored as… you guessed it.. fat!

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