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If you’ve ever asked yourself in despair “how can I lose weight?” then you need to keep reading. The most important thing to know is that it is not your fault that you are overweight. Let me repeat that… its not your fault! There is so much misinformation in the diet industry regarding what makes us fat and how to lose weight.

Take for example, the USDA Food Pyramid, they recommend we get over two thirds of our daily nutrition from carbohydrate heavy foods and only twenty percent from protein. We also commonly hear experts say that weight loss is a matter of eating less and moving more, but science has proven that this isn’t necessarily true.

So, to figure out how to lose weight, we need to examine what is making us fat and the answer is…. carbohydrates.

When we consume carbs our blood sugar increases; if those carbs are starchy or sweet then our blood sugar increases more rapidly. In response to the rise in blood sugar, the pancreas secrets insulin whose job is to move the sugar into our muscles and liver to be used for energy. But when those carbs aren’t needed immediately for energy use, the carbs are stored in our fat cells causing them to get larger.

So, while insulin is critical in regulating our blood sugar, you can see how it also affects our ability to lose weight. Therefore if we are consuming higher amounts of carbohydrates than can be used right away for energy then we gain weight/fat instead of lose it.

Our bodies run on energy; everything we do requires energy, even laying on the sofa. So, if eating more carbohydrates than our body needs for energy makes us store fat, then what does eating less carbohydrates than is needed for energy do? It forces our body to get that energy from our “stored” energy, body fat!

Thus the answer to the question, “how can I lose weight?” is to drastically cut your carbohydrates during the period you want to lose weight and force your body to burn fat for energy instead.

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