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Hi, my name is Kristina and I created this site to help people like me who have been looking for the answer to the question “how can I lose weight”. I have 2 beautiful, wonderful, amazing children and as happens with many of us as we go about the business of living our lives… I ate a lot of great food and had trouble losing weight I had gained as a result of overeating and lack of exercise. I especially struggled with shedding the pounds I gained during each of my pregnancies.

As most of us do, I scoured the internet and bookshelves for the perfect diet to lose weight. I tried many and ended up frustrated, hungry, and more overweight. Once I found a program that worked for me, I decided that I should spread the word to others. Because when you are unhappy with your weight and body image it can impact all parts of your life.

I feel like my story is one that many can relate to (both women and men) and I hope it gives you hope that you too can lose the weight!